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A simple Grails plugin for Gradle

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Gradle Grails Wrapper

This is a plugin for Gradle that builds Grails applications. It allows you to use Gradle as a build tool and allows you to use multiple versions of Grails on one machine without specifying full grails paths.

Applying the plugin

buildscript {
  repositories {
  dependencies {
    classpath 'com.connorgarvey.gradle:gradle-grails-wrapper:1.0'
apply plugin: 'grails'

By default, the plugin will select a version of Grails. To specify a version, add this to the build.

grails {
  version '2.0.3'

Using the plugin

The plugin adds standard Grails build commands to the Gradle build, prefixed with grails-. Run them like this.

gradle grails-create-app
gradle grails-war

To get a full list of commands, run this.

gradle tasks

Specify command line arguments either of these ways. If specifying arguments, you should only execute one command since all arguments will be passed to all commands. Instead of grails create-app appName, use

gradle grails-create-app -Parg0=appName
gradle grails-create-app --project-prop arg0=appName

Specify system parameters like this. Instead of grails -Dgrails.env=test grails-war, use

gradle grails-war -Pd0=grails.env=test
gradle grails-war --project-prop d0=grails.env=test

Arguments must be specified in this way in Gradle. If the command were gradle grails-war hello.war, Gradle would see hello.war as another task to be executed.

What's new

How it works

When executed, the plugin downloads a copy of Grails to a .gradlegrails folder in the user's home directory. It can maintain multiple versions of Grails on the same machine. It executes the specified command on the downloaded copy.